You can use embed codes to show off your Pitch presentation on a website or other tools your team is using. This way, you can share a presentation without having the viewer leave your website or workflow. Embedded presentations are publicly available, and your viewers can even share your content further.

You can embed presentations on any website that supports HTML and accepts iframes (i.e. Squarespace and Webflow) and into tools such as Notion, Coda, and Confluence.

To embed a presentation:

  1. Click Share at the top right-hand corner of the editor.

2. Turn on Public access for the presentation.

3. Click Copy under Embed presentation.

4. Paste embed code snippet on your website or the tool in which you’d like to embed your presentation.

Embedded presentations will update in real-time, so when you make a change to your presentation, it will be reflected immediately.

Let others spread the word by further sharing your embedded presentation

Viewers will also be able to share the presentation directly from an embed so other team members or website visitors can share the content with their network to spread the word! To share a presentation:

  1. Click the arrow on the top right-hand corner of the presentation.

  2. Anyone can copy the URL to view the presentation in Pitch.

  3. Anyone can copy and insert this code on their website.

Having issues embedding your presentation?

We’re still working on additional embed functionality so that you can showcase your content in even more places. If the embed doesn't work on your desired platform, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your feedback and use cases.

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