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How many team members can join me at Pitch?
How many team members can join me at Pitch?

Introducing Pitch's member limits

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As of May 2024, we are introducing limits to the number of team members that can be invited to Pitch workspaces.

We are not enforcing any member counts to existing Pitch workspaces created prior to May 2024.

Member count per plan

Free: Up to 5 members and 2 external guests

Pro: Up to 25 members and 25 external guests

Business: Up to 100 members and unlimited external guests

This information is detailed on our pricing page, along with the features available on our plans.

When you invite members via the Workspace members page, we'll warn you after you get to the limit for your plan.

The same holds true for inviting members through an individual presentation. We'll remind you when you reach the threshold, and direct you towards our upgrade page.

If you want to stay on your current plan, you can always remove team members in order to make room for other who made need their seat. Please note that removing members will remove presentation in their private folders from the workspace.

You can remove members by following the steps below:

1. Click on the downwards arrow next to your workspace name and go to the Workspace members section.

2. Find the member you'd like to remove, click on their workspace role, and select Remove.

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