Add animations to a presentation

Tell your story point by point by animating blocks on slides or moving content between slides.

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Animations can bring your presentation to life by making content appear or disappear step by step.

How to add an animation

  1. Select the blocks or group: Choose the specific block, a selection of multiple blocks, or a group that you want to animate.

  2. Click on Animations: On the right side of the editor, you'll find the Animations icon. Click on it to access the animation settings.

  3. Click the Enter tab to have content appear or Exit tab for content to disappear.

  4. Select an effect: In the animation panel, you'll find various effects to choose from. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: You can tell if the animations will enter (green) or exit (red) by the color of the button which is also reflected in the Order section.

How to set an order for your animations

To create a seamless and impactful visual flow, you can customize the order of your animations. Follow these steps to reorder, combine, or split animation steps:

  1. Reorder animations: Hover over a step in the animation settings and drag the handle on the left side up or down to change its position in the sequence.

  2. Combine and split steps: Achieve precise control over timing and progression by combining multiple animation steps or splitting a single step into multiple parts.

πŸ’‘ Increase your efficiency by using the "Command/Control" key to select multiple steps or the "Shift" key to select a range of steps.

Before presenting your slideshow, it's essential to preview your animations to ensure they deliver the desired impact. Once you’re happy with the build, you can click on Preview on the top right-hand corner to see what the animation will look like.

Once you're ready to present, click on the Play button and navigate between the different steps by using the keyboard arrows or by clicking the arrows with your mouse.

How to animate content between slides

The continuity slide transition automatically finds matching blocks and morphs their position, size, and other design properties from one slide to another. It allows you to intuitively transition content from one slide to the next, gracefully.

  1. Open Animations panel

  2. Click on Continuity

  3. Hover to see the preview

πŸ’‘ You can see the continuity icon in the slide navigator if there is a slide transition.

Record with animations

If you want to share your presentation with others to watch at their convenience, follow these steps to record with animations:

  1. Ensure that the next slide is visible in your view settings if you want to see the upcoming animation steps.

  2. While recording, click the Next button to progress to the next animation step β€” the animated blocks will build in or out at the same time for anyone watching your recorded deck.

πŸ’‘ Want to see other future animations or transitions? Let us know!

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