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Quickly add slides to your templates or presentations using our Layouts feature.

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Layouts are additional slide designs โ€” timelines, image grids, diagrams, quotes, and more โ€” that work with any template, so your team can quickly find the right way to organize your ideas.

How to access Layouts

The design used in the Layouts tab dynamically matches the style of your currently selected slide, so you can insert an option that keeps your deck visually consistent.

To find Layouts, simply click on Add slide in the editor and select the Layouts tab, next to Templates.

You can scroll through to see slides for categories of different layouts to use with your presentation such as:

  • Agenda

  • Charts and data

  • People and teams

  • Quotes and testimonials

  • Simple Slides

  • Timelines and project plans

  • Pricing

  • Device frames

Change the style of your layout

To change the look of your Layouts, you can open Add Slide from a different template. Or, insert the layout and then switch the style afterward by applying a different slide style.

Frequently asked questions

Can I select which Layouts to show in the slide picker?

No, the Layouts collection is pre-defined for everyone in the workspace. Nevertheless, weโ€™d love to hear from you on what kinds of Layouts you consider useful or not for your use case. Please share your thoughts with us at!

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