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Organize your presentations with subfolders
Organize your presentations with subfolders

Quickly organize your workspace folders

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Teams with multiple workspace folders might want to group folders by a shared topic, like team. Now, folders in your workspace can contain additional folders, making it easier to organize and discover presentations.

Create a subfolder

Select a workspace folder or private folder and click the options icon (or right-click the folder) and select Create folder. Then give your new folder a descriptive name. Subfolders will be visible in the workspace sidebar and from the folder view. You can show or hide them in the sidebar by clicking on the arrow to the left of any eligible folder.

Just like with top-level folders, any nested folders will automatically be sorted alphabetically.

Reorganize subfolders

If you want to move a subfolder to another workspace folder, simply drag it into the desired folder. You can also convert a subfolder into a top-level folder — just click the options icon next to the folder and select Move to top level.

Delete a subfolders

Deleting a subfolder will not delete the presentations it contains. Instead, those presentations will automatically move to the folder that contained the nested one.

On mobile

If you’re using our mobile apps, you’ll be able to browse subfolders and their content on the go. Tap on a folder and any subfolders will appear at the top of the screen, above any presentations. You can download Pitch for mobile from

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