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Review presentations on mobile

View presentations, share feedback, and move work forward even when you're on the go.

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Pitch for mobile complements our desktop and web app experience. While you can't create or edit presentations, you can review existing presentations, add and respond to feedback, follow progress, and add speaker notes.

Manage feedback from the presentation overview

Tap on any presentation to open the presentation overview β€” a vertical list of the slides in a presentation. The presentation overview helps you quickly scan content and see key information about individual slides.

Below each slide, you'll see three icons: comments, reactions, and options. Pressing on each icon will let you view or add comments, add reactions, assign a slide, or set a slide status. If a slide contains comments or reactions, you'll see a counter to the right of each icon. Existing slide statuses or assignments will appear at the top right of each slide, which you can tap to open the workflow menu directly.

Pressing Play will open your presentation in full-screen mode. Your presentation will open automatically in landscape mode, and you can swipe to move between slides.

Dive into the details from the slide view

Tap on an individual slide to open the slide view. The slide view lets you focus on one slide and the conversation and workflow around it. Below the slide, you'll notice a few options: Comment, React, Notes, Set Status, Assign, and Full Screen. Swiping the slide will move you forward and backward in the presentation.

If you're viewing a presentation that links to another Pitch presentation, you can open it without leaving the mobile app. Each linked presentation will open over the previous one.

To prepare key points, reminders, and other notes on your phone, you can open the slide view in any presentation, tap Notes, and type away. You can even select text to apply bold or italic styling or to insert links.

Stay on top of notifications

Never miss a beat on the presentations you're working on. Whenever someones assigns a slide to you, replies to your comment, or mentions you in a comment, you'll receive an in-app notification. You'll also get notified anytime someone invites you to a presentation or workspace, or if there's activity on a presentation you've subscribed to.

In addition to in-app notifications, our mobile apps also support push notifications.

πŸ’‘ Want to limit how many push notifications you receive? Head to your Settings app to manage notifications.

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