Intro to our mobile apps

Take a tour of Pitch for mobile, available on iOS and Android

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Our mobile apps make it easy to stay up to date and share feedback with your team. With Pitch for mobile, you can:

  • Access your workspaces, folders, and presentations

  • Invite and manage workspace members

  • Manage feedback, workflow options, and notifications

  • Share presentations

  • Invite collaborators (Pro only)

  • Search for a presentation

  • Create a new workspace for you and your team

  • View and edit speaker notes

If you're using an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can download our mobile app from

Get to know the app

Pitch for mobile has two main tabs:

  • Dashboard: View the eight most recently edited presentations in your current workspace. You can also view any private, shared, and workspace folders. Tap a folder to view the presentations inside it.

Looking for a specific presentation or folder? Tap the search bar and start typing its name. iOS users can also pull down to open the search bar for faster access.

  • Notifications: Tap to see any notifications concerning you or related to presentations you're subscribed to.

Manage workspace members and guests

If you're a workspace admin or owner, you can invite new members and manage existing ones. Just tap the settings icon in the top-right corner and select Workspace members. Add new team members by entering their email addresses, resend or revoke invites, and adjust permissions.

Browse your workspaces

With Pitch for mobile, you can browse and open any presentations in your workspace, just like on our web and desktop apps. Navigate between any private, shared, or workspace folders and view a list of the presentations stored in them. Presentations are visible from the Dashboard and Workspace tabs. To browse folders, tap the Workspace tab and then tap the folder you wish to view.

To create a new workspace or join another one, click on the workspace icon and then on Create or join workspace. View the workspaces your teammates have created and select join to become a member. Or, click Create a new workspace to make another space for you and your team to collaborate. Give your new workspace a name and get started!

If you're a member or guest of multiple workspaces, you can quickly switch between them in the mobile app. Click on your workspace icon to open the workspace switcher, then tap the workspace you want to view. Guest workspaces are differentiated with a blue badge.​

Don't have an account?

If you don’t currently have an account, you can also get started directly in the app. Simply select Get started when opening the app and enter your email address on the following screen. Please note that creating presentations is not currently available in mobile. To get started working on presentations, visit your Pitch account on web or desktop.

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