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Let a teammate guide you through a presentation.

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Tired of saying "Next slide, please"? This feature allows you to follow your teammate’s cursor as they navigate and click through the presentation. To start following:

  1. Click on their avatar in the top right-hand corner of the editor.

  2. You will now see a colored border around the avatar and their name will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of the editor.

You can follow along as they make edits to the presentation and switch between slides. If you want to stop following, you need to either leave the presentation or navigate to another slide.

You can use this as a way to present a presentation online with multiple presenters as a collaborative presenting mode.

This feature is useful for lots of situations:

  • Internal presentations: Many teams run stand-ups, workshops, and all-hands presentations right from Pitch. Instead of sharing their screen, moderators can ask attendees to follow them to see which slide they’re currently discussing.

  • Presentation rehearsals: If you're preparing for a pitch or conference talk, you can ask your team to follow you while you practice your delivery.

  • Giving feedback: Reviewers can follow a creator and share feedback on video conferencing software.

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