⭐️ The mobile app is currently in beta ⭐️

The first version of our mobile app is centered around reviewing already created presentations and leaving feedback. You can switch between workspaces, browse folders and presentations, read and leave comments, and add reactions to slides. 🎉

Reviewing presentations

You can access all private and workspace folders in your workspace, and the presentations stored in them. View presentations in either portrait or landscape mode on your device!

When you open a presentation, you'll see an overview that allows you to quickly scroll through the entire presentation. If a slide has comments or emoji reactions, you'll see those icons underneath the slide.

Click a specific slide and comments will appear directly under each slide, with the parent comment shown and replies hidden. You can add new comments to a slide, assign the slide to yourself or a member of your team, set the slide status, or add a very important emoji reaction.

You can easily switch between existing workspaces that you're a member or a guest of if you have more than one. Click on your workspace icon to open the workspace switcher, then tap the workspace you want to view. Guest workspaces are differentiated with a blue badge.

Never miss a beat with the presentations you're working on. Check the notification center to see when someone assigns you a slide, replies to your comment, or mentions you. In addition, you'll also find invites to new workspaces or presentations from other workspaces under notifications.

Sharing presentations

To share a presentation directly from the mobile app, open a presentation (or slide) and tap the share icon in the top right corner. Depending on your device and sharing settings, you can share presentations over AirDrop, text, email, Slack, and more. If you need to make the presentation public, you can use the Public access toggle from this menu. If you share a link for a private presentation, the other person will need to have access to the presentation in order to open it.

Don't have an account?

If you don’t currently have an account, you can also get started directly in the app. Simply select Get started when opening the app and enter your email address on the following screen. Please note that creating presentations is not currently available in mobile. To get started working on presentations, visit your Pitch account on web or desktop.

If you have any feedback or requests to share, please send them our way. Anything you share will directly inform our product roadmap and help us prioritize improvements!

💡 Are you discovering our mobile beta for the first time and would like to join? Sign up for our waitlist over here.

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