Pitch has always supported real-time collaboration, helping you see what teams are editing. With the introduction of live cursors (which is enabled by default for all workspaces), collaborators have greater visibility into the edits teammates are making.

It's great to see what others are doing, but sometimes you want to talk through the details. With live video collaboration, teams can host a video or audio call directly in a Pitch presentation and discuss work in real-time. Collaborate on a slide, hold a team meeting, or have a casual chat when you notice someone working on the same deck.

Getting started

1. If you're starting the session, click the Live button in the top right of the editor.

2. If someone starts a live session in a presentation you're viewing, you'll see a pop-up notification to join.

When collaborators join the live session, existing participants will see a toast at the bottom of the editor letting them know who joined.

3. When you enter a session, you can adjust your camera and microphone settings before joining.

4. Once you have joined, you will be able to hear, see, and talk to other people in the session.

The number in the Live button shows the number of people who are currently participating in a live session.

Currently live refers to the teammates in the live session, while Others in this presentation are the teammates who are also in the presentation, but have not turned on live video collaboration.

During a live session, live cursors will show a user's camera and audio status.

  • When video and audio is enabled, the live cursor will show the user's video and will pulse as they talk.

  • When video is enabled but audio is disabled, a mute icon will appear over the user's video.

  • When video and audio are disabled the user's full name will be displayed alongside a mute icon.

5. To leave a live session, click the Live button and select Leave at the bottom of the dropdown.

Can I keep a live session open if I am working on multiple presentations?

A live session can only occur in a single presentation, and only while editing or using focus mode. Sessions will continue when you open the style builder, although you will not be able to hear or see others, but others can see and hear you. When switching tabs or leaving the editor (to enter presenter mode or go back to the workspace, for instance) you will automatically exit the session.

What happens if I start a live session when other teammates are already in the presentation?

While viewing or editing a presentation, collaborators can click on the Live button to start a live session. Anyone currently collaborating on the presentation will receive a notification to join.

Is live video collaboration available on the Starter plan?

Live video collaboration is in beta while we fine-tune the experience and collect initial user feedback. Therefore, both Starter and Pro workspaces will have unlimited access for up to 25 concurrent participants. As we get closer to removing the beta label, we'll make the final call on what limitations will be placed on Starter workspaces.

Can view-only or public presentation viewers use live video collaboration?

No, only collaborators who can edit a presentation can be part of a live session. Note that this means workspace members as well as guests.

💡 If you're seeing an error message when connecting your camera or mic, this article can help you troubleshoot common issues.

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