Love using our stickers and illustrations? Great, you can add as many as you like when creating presentations in Pitch. Find out more about working with stickers.

However, when sharing content beyond the context of a presentation, these cartoons owned by Pitch are subject to certain usage restrictions. This article outlines how you may and may not use Pitch's stickers and illustrations.

Here are some examples of stickers and illustrations:

How can Pitch stickers and illustrations be used?

  • Pitch stickers and illustrations can only be used in presentations created in Pitch.

  • Pitch users can use Pitch stickers and illustrations with no limitations in the presentations they create, both for personal and commercial use.

  • You may share these presentations through the Pitch platform, embed them into other websites, convert these presentations to PDF, or print these presentations.

  • You are not allowed to extract Pitch stickers and illustrations from presentations and use them separately as stand-alone assets.

Here are some examples how NOT to use Pitch Stickers & Illustrations:

  • Don't include Pitch stickers and illustrations as assets on your website.

  • Don't include Pitch stickers and illustrations in presentations created with other presentation tools.

If in doubt (or if you feel like your use case is not covered in the above guidelines), please reach out to us at

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