Available from presenter mode, speaker view makes it easier to deliver your presentation by showing you what slide is coming up next. You can enter presenter mode by clicking on the Play button at the top right of your editor.

After entering presenter mode, you'll see the presenter bar at the bottom. Click on the Speaker view option in the middle:

An additional window will open and display your current and next slide, as well as the slide numbers with arrows for navigation:

There are two ways to use speaker view:

  1. Across multiple displays: Use one screen for the presenter mode in full-screen, and the other screen to control your presentation and see which slide is coming up next.
  2. Single screen: When you present on a single screen or through a video call, you can resize both windows to use speaker view.

You can choose your preferred way of controlling the presentation.

  • To move forward: click on any of the two slides, click →, Enter, Space, arrow down, page down, or the N key.
  • To move backward: click ←, arrow up, page up, or the P key.
  • To exit: press Esc or the Exit presentation button at the top right-hand corner and you will be taken back to the editor.

💡Troubleshooting tip: If you're presenting from the Pitch web app and speaker view doesn't open in a new window, please check and adjust your pop-up blocker settings.

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