How do I save my presentation?

There is no need to save your presentation. All changes are saved automatically and will be available next time you open Pitch.

Is there an undo button?

You can undo your changes by pressing Command + Z (or Ctrl + Z on Windows). To redo an action, press Command + Shift + Z or Command + Y (or Ctrl + Shift + Z or Ctrl + Y on Windows). There is no button yet but if you forget these shortcuts, just pull up our keyboard shortcuts panel from the question mark button in the bottom right corner to refresh your memory.

How do I copy slides to a different presentation?

You can copy and paste slides from one Pitch presentation to another. Select one or more slides in the slide navigator and press Command + C (or Ctrl + C on Windows). Open the other presentation and click on a slide in the slide navigator. Once you press Command + V (or Ctrl + V on Windows) the slide(s) will be added below the selected slide. You can find these shortcuts in the keyboard shortcuts menu, accessible from the question mark button in the bottom right corner in the Pitch app.

Can I group blocks?

Grouping blocks such as text, images, and shapes is on our roadmap. Until it’s available, if you want to select multiple items at once and are accidentally moving a background image around, try pressing Shift while drag-selecting on the slide. In order to drag-select, click anywhere on the slide, hold the mouse button down, and drag the cursor to another location. This action will select all blocks in the area between the beginning and the end of the drag. You can add your vote to a grouping feature here and we’ll keep you updated on status changes.

Can I underline or strikethrough text?

You can underline text by highlighting the text and pressing Command + U (or Ctrl + U on Windows). To strikethrough text, highlight the text and press Command + Shift + S (or Ctrl + Shift + S on Windows).

Can I add a superscript or subscript?

While superscripts and subscripts are on our roadmap, they aren't available just yet. Until they are, you can achieve this be creating a separate text block, decreasing the size of the text, and then placing that text so it looks like a subscript or a superscript. Feel free to vote for this feature here.

Can I add a footer or header to all of my slides?

You can achieve this by adding any type of block you’d like to use as a header or footer on one slide, and then copy and paste it using the multi-select feature. You can do this by:

  1. Clicking the footer/header and press Command + C (or Ctrl + C on Windows)

  2. Selecting all the slides by pressing Shift in your slides that you would like to add these elements to

  3. Press Command + V (or Ctrl + V on Windows) to paste those elements in the same place on every slide selected

Can I display grids or rulers?

Right now, you will see red lines to guide you when moving a block on your slide. Guides appear close to the edge of the presentation, in the vertical and horizontal centers of the slide, and at the edges of nearby content blocks. Find out more about aligning content in this article. There is currently no way to display these guides constantly or to add custom grids or rulers to your slides. If this feature is important for you, you can vote for it here.

Can I resize rows and columns in tables?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. Add your vote here and stay updated on our progress. If you’re looking to reduce the height of your table rows, we recommend using a small font and decreasing the table height by clicking and dragging the bottom handle of the table.

Can I add my own stickers and assets to Pitch?

Not yet, but we’re exploring an asset library feature that would make your most commonly used images easy to access for your entire team. You can vote and stay informed about this feature here on our feature request board.

Who is that handsome dog in my sticker pack?

That’s Otto, our Director of O-paw-rations. Drop by our office in Berlin sometime to shake his paw.

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