Is there a way to import presentations?

Yes! You can use our PowerPoint importer beta to move existing presentations to Pitch.

Can I work offline in Pitch?

You can accomplish a lot in Pitch while offline. You will be able to create and edit presentations, use collaboration features, and organize your folders. In order to work efficiently without an internet connection, we recommend using our desktop app and preloading any presentations you may want to work on. When you’re back online, any changes made will be synced.

Are my presentations automatically saved?

Yes, your presentations are automatically saved, and there is no need to press a save button (in fact, we don’t have one) or hit any keyboard shortcut to save your work.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our iOS app is currently in beta, with an Android app coming soon after. If you'd like to join our beta, please sign up for our waitlist over here.

Can I use Pitch on my iPad?

You can use Pitch on any web browser on your iPad, and soon, we’ll have an iOS app for you to use as well. When using a mobile browser, we recommend using an external keyboard with a trackpad, or a mouse. If your operating system is older than iOS 10.3, you may not be able to use Pitch on your iPad. Please keep in mind that Pitch is not yet optimized for a mobile experience and touchscreens.

Why does my desktop app not update?

Please click the Pitch tab and select "Check for updates". If this isn't working and you're using Windows and antivirus software, please disable it temporarily and try again. Please also make sure to let us know about this.

What features will you launch next?

We’ve got an exciting roadmap and many new features launching over the next months! If you would like to suggest a feature or vote on ideas from other users, head over to our public request boards. Make sure to keep an eye on our release notes to find out what’s new.

Is Pitch available in other languages?

Currently, Pitch is only available in English. Want to see Pitch available in German, or a different language? Feel free to add your vote here and comment on which language you'd like to see supported next!

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