There are multiple possible explanations for why you might be seeing an error message when you're trying to access a presentation. 

The presentation is no longer public

The error message above might indicate that a presentation is no longer publicly available and the share link has become invalid. 

You’re not logged in (to the right account)

You won’t be able to see a presentation unless you’re logged into the account tied to the email address it has been shared with.

It looks like you don't have access to this presentation

You will see the above error message when trying to open a presentation you don't have access to anymore. Here are possible reasons:

The presentation is no longer shared with you

Maybe your coworker granted you access at one point but then decided to work on it in private before letting others take a look. They might have removed your access from the Share dialog. It’s probably best to politely ask for access again.

The presentation has been deleted or moved out of the workspace

It’s possible that the presentation no longer exists in your workspace. Check with others in your workspace to see if they are still able to access it.

The link is outdated or incomplete

When presentations are moved between workspaces, their URL changes. You might be clicking on an outdated link. Check with the owner of the document to confirm you have the current link. Also double check that the link is complete and you’re not missing a few characters.

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