If you’ve received an invitation email to join Pitch, click the link in the email to create your account. Otherwise, navigate to app.pitch.com to start using Pitch. You can sign up with your Google account, or create a password.

Sign up with Google

Select Sign up with Google on the account creation screen: 

Log in to your Google account. You’re done!

Sign up with email and password

Select Sign up with email & password on the account creation screen.

Enter your email address and the password you would like to use. In order to keep your account safe, you will need to create a strong password that:

  • Is at least 10 characters
  • Contains both lower AND uppercase letters
  • Includes at least one number or special character (!@#$%)
  • Does not contain your email address

Click Sign up when you’re done:

Enter your First Name and Last Name in the following screen:

Next, check your inbox and verify your email address to complete the process.

You’re done! Enjoy creating presentations in Pitch ✨

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